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Diwali is already on the Horizon, We at GSOD are really excited to put up another signature event 'Diwali Dinner 2019'.

It takes tremendous dedication and devotion by all committee members and support from an audience like you all to present an event you all would enjoy and cherish. Like every year we have a great event night waiting for us, Grand Dinner with Performance by the very famous Fame Shipi paul and Vinod- Melody Express. He is been thrilling and entertaining the audience with great show and pomp and he is already excited to meet the Detroit audience. 
With all the challenges and logistics we have embraced a change this year in the flow of the event and have planned make it convenient for all of you. Please read below details and we are looking for your support to make yet another year a successful one.

These changes were made due to the hardships in getting the auditorium and the sequence of event (first show followed by dinner) was organized so that all members do not have to wait late on a Sunday night.
Hope you understand our situation and we look forward to your support to make this event a great success.

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